Terms of Business


Classes cost £11 if you pay per class on a weekly basis or £7.50 per class if you pay in advance for the full half term. The reduced price of £7.50 is only available for those clients who pay in advance by the full half term. Class fees are payable on the last week of the preceding half term, this ensures you get the class time you want.  Paying in advance ensures a guaranteed place for you on your chosen class time, if you choose to pay on a weekly basis you will need to check each week if there is room for you.  Many classes are nearly full so there may be a very limited choice available if you go weekly.

In exceptional circumstances if you do have to miss a class then you might be able to make it up at another time but it has to be according to availability of spaces on other classes, so do check if there is space available before turning up.   As classes are very popular we would be very grateful if you let Lita know as soon as possible that you aren’t able to attend a class so that other people could take that place if they need to make up a missed class.  If you don’t give reasonable notice of non-attendance (minimum of 24 hours) then we will not be able to offer you space to make that class up. All missed classes must be made up in the same half term and cannot be carried over to the next half term.

Cheques should be payable to SSS Ltd.  We do not take credit cards.

If you need any help please call Lita on 01458 210596.