Facial Pilates


Our next one day intensive course will be announced on this page.

Call Lita on 01458 446883 to book or have a chat about the class.

We have been teaching Facial Pilates with absolutely fantastic results. Typically we see

· fuller lips and mouth area

· brighter, more radiant complexion

· lifted neck, chin and jowl areas

· fuller cheeks with better definition to the cheekbones

· brow and eye areas lift – eyes appear more open

· appearance of the face is generally more youthful and fresh

In Facial Pilates you learn how to tone very specific muscles focusing on the face and neck areas. The exercises will improve circulation to the skin leaving your skin looking brighter and more radiant. This improved circulation caries vital oxygen and nutrients to skin and tissues whilst carrying away old and damaged cells. Facial Pilates has been described as the non-surgical facelift.

Whatever your age this technique will help to keep you looking better. With this program of exercise you can tighten flabby throat muscles, reduce jowls, firm the lower cheeks, lift droopy eyelids, firm and refresh the eye areas, reduce lines on the forehead and brows, plump the upper lip area, promote a healthier complexion. You will generally see results in a matter of weeks and improvement will continue for as long as you continue doing the exercises. In a few minutes a day you can shape the facial muscles, build tone and preserve and improve your appearance.

Our program begins at 9.45am when the doors open and we meet for registration, tea and coffee will be served. Over the course of the day you will participate in a series of workshops to learn the Facial Pilates techniques. There will be breaks for refreshments in the morning and the afternoon with teas and coffees with biscuits available. Our day finishes at around 4.45pm after a wind up session incorporating relaxation and final questions and discussions.

email via the contact page on this website. Class size is limited so book as soon as possible to ensure you get your place. £89 per person to include all tuition, and tea or coffee in the breaks.

We have ‘before and after’ pictures available here but prefer not to publish them to preserve our clients’ privacy. Do ask if you want to see them.

We also offer a service where Lita will come to you - all you need to do is get a small group of people together who would like to learn this technique and Lita will come and teach it to your group.  Call Lita to discuss this option on 01458 210596.


Our day begins at 9.45 with registration and coffee or tea. Class begins at 10.15 sharp. We will be taking a break in the morning and the afternoon when you can help yourself to tea and coffee and light refreshments.

Please bring with you –

A small mirror

A pillow or cushion

A blanket

Pen and paper for note taking

The schedule for the day is as follows:

10.15am Introduction to Facial Pilates and the anatomy of the facial muscles.

11.15 Break

11.45 Facial Pilates workshop

1.00 pm Lunch

2.00 Facial Pilates workshop

3.00 Break

3.30 Relaxation session

4.00 Facial Pilates workshop, wind up session, general discussion

4.30 approx Finish