Client feedback

‘Pilates was recommended by my GP because of back/hip/knee problems and I am now noticeably stronger and more flexible. Lita makes the classes fun, even though we invariably work hard! A great way to stay both flexible and fit.’ G. B.
There’s something special about Lita that ensures that the atmosphere in her classes is always constructive and fun, and her patient, incremental approach to even the most difficult postures empowering. Her Facial Pilates exercise regime is a brilliant concept, imparted with genius and compassion.  An additional reward for attending Lita’s classes is the chance to meet inspirational fellow travellers.We’re enormously fortunate to have such a teacher in the Polden Hills community. Dr. J.A.G.

“I started pilates with Lita three years ago to tone up my core after having three babies in fairly quick succession - I am pleased to say that as a result I have a flatter tummy post childbirth than I did before!  I am a keen runner and I find it a crucial element of my training when I am preparing for a long distance race.  Having core strength really benefits running performance and helps prevent fatigue and injury but is often something which runners neglect.  Doing pilates even just once a week does make a big difference”.

Pilates has not only strengthened my back after a slipped disc enabling me to carry out everyday activities like ironing and gardening without pain but has made me feel healthier and fitter generally. Highly recommended. Thanks Lita!  M.H.

“Pilates is wonderful, it stretches every part of you and Lita makes it fun!” S.C.

Following a prolapased disc and eventual surgery Pilates has taught me core strength and enabled me to regain confidence in movement.  Lita’s knowledge and teaching method benefits all ages and abilities.  It’s hard work, stretching and good fun. J.C.
Pilates has become an important part of my life. I look forward to my weekly classes which are always challenging and varied and I leave each one with a sense of well-being and fulfillment. Since joining Lita's classes three years ago, I have not had to have any back treatment and my general level of fitness and body strength has improved.  C.P.
Since starting Pilates classes 20 months ago I have regained strength and flexibility in my upper arm after a fracture. Owing to a toned and firmer silhouette I am now able to wear clothes that have been hanging in the wardrobe for ages. I generallly feel more “streamlined”. D.D.
I don’t know why I didn’t take up Pilates years ago!  Strength, flexibility and balance – what more do you want.  Oh, and it might be a total coincidence but after Pilates on Monday evening, I always have a wonderful night’s sleep. C.C.
I started Pilates with Lita due to 9 months of ongoing back pain following childbirth. By this point I was 3 months pregnant with my second child and getting very worried that this back pain was here to stay. I was struggling to lift my one year old and dreading the daily pain.  I had a one to one session to be assessed and then started the weekly classes.  After the first class I felt instantly more comfortable in my back and 2 terms down the line I had almost no pain at all.  This pregnancy has been so different in terms of back pain and I am still able to lift my 18 month old as much as I/ she wants!  I am now 2 weeks away from giving birth, and I have NO pain at all. I am still attending the classes as I feel able to.  Lita has kept a close eye on me while never making me feel uncomfortable in the class due to pregnancy. And I always finish the class feeling like she has encouraged me within my limits. D.T.
“There are two sides to the coin, firstly you find out just how much you really need to improve your balance and your core strength and then just how much Lita and Pilates can help you with both if you just try. It really can boost your confidence and made a difference for me!!”  S.B.
Having tried various exercise routines over the years, I have found joining a Pilates class since retiring a few years ago has given me more flexibility and strength not noticeable before. It’s hard work but the fact that you work at your own pace and have a lot of laughs as you struggle with new friends makes it fun. B.M.

I have had a bad back for many years but pilates has toned and stretched my muscles to support my spine and relieve the problems in the back and given me better posture. Lita keeps a eye on us all to make sure we do all exercise correctly.  H.P.
Two years of Lita’s weekly Pilate’s Class is transforming my creaky, inflexible, back -aching body into a pain -free, stronger and more flexible frame.  She teaches by sympathetically ensuring everyone in her class improves at a pace suited to their needs. Movements are varied and carefully monitored and Lita’s classes are challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. L.S.
‘As I am getting older Pilates helps to keep me supple’ S.L.
Your Pilates class has benefited me greatly thanks and will hopefully do so for many more years. Firstly by keeping my mobility, flexibility and strength going, also my mental strength has benefited by working with you and your classes of positive, friendly and helpful people. E.L.
‘ I’ve been doing Pilates once a week with Lita for about 2 and 1/2 years and in that time, my body has become much stronger, more flexible, leaner and my balance, posture and co-ordination is much improved too. Its great! I really enjoy the variety in the classes as each week we work on different types of movement to strengthen and develop different areas of the body.  Lita is a fab teacher as she pushes you but is always encouraging.’  CH

“It amazes me how much your body compresses and can become out of balance during a week. After stretching and reposturing during Lita’s pilates sessions I always feel revitalised.” K.M

Pilates has not only helped to ease a constant back pain that I have had for years and years after lifting a heavy bag of compost in an incorrect and damaging manner, but it has helped me generally to remember to stand, sit, walk and bend in a more conscious manner as Pilates appeals to the mental outlook as well as the physical one.  I find it enjoyable to challenge the body and the mind in our sessions and appreciate the non-repetitive nature of the exercises. L.S.
Since starting Pilates my posture has improved and I feel it has helped me to learn how to relax.  D.V.
I have been attending Pilates classes with Lita for nearly 2 years.  I wanted to find a class to help with my balance and my posture.  Pilates with Lita has brought me much more.  I am much more aware of what my body should do and can do after the practise and regular classes.
I find that when I have a moment I use these times to practise what I know will help me, like when waiting for a kettle to boil, filling the car with fuel, walking the dogs, putting on my wellie socks.    There are so many moments through the day when you can check your posture and do the things that Lita regularly teaches you to do.  Pilates classes may just be an hour a week, but you can use the exercises very usefully over the rest of the week.
I look forward to my Pilates class, and know that two days later I will feel the results of my efforts!  It takes a few weeks to understand exactly what is expected of you, and for you to benefit from the exercises - this is not an aerobic class this is an  entirely different experience A.B.
I have been doing Pilates for 2 or 3 years. I was born with a minor scoliosis between my shoulder blades which has caused me lots of pain over the years . It also made activities such as gardening for any length of time very uncomfortable. Since doing Pilates once a week I have far less pain and can garden for as long as I want! I also feel much more toned and strong than I ever got by being a gym member and going 3 times a week! I intend doing Pilates until I am no longer able to move! I love that the movements can be practiced at home in many spare moments and that I leave each class feeling much more relaxed than when I went in!  S.E.

I have regularly attended Lita’s classes for some 5 years.  The benefits are numerous - stronger & better controlled muscles, improved posture & more body awareness. I no longer need to use a chiropractor to sort out aches & pains.  After fracturing my femur Lita worked with me one to one & my recovery has been remarkable. The classes are challenging but well balanced & small enough for Lita to offer individual advice. J.C.
Pilates is not easy but even going once a week to the class has really helped my core strength and makes a real difference in everyday life - thank you Lita!
I am really feeling the benefits of doing Pilates and can now touch my toes which I couldn’t do before!  I can’t explain the true benefits but you feel well stretched and that ‘high lifting’ feeling.  It’s just a really lovely feeling and I especially appreciate Lita correcting any positions that are incorrect as you feel and know you are doing the moves correctly which is really important.  I just love it.  Thanks Lita.
Pilates is a silent strength builder & helps both physically & mentally.