About Lita

Your Pilates Teacher in Ashcott

Your Pilates teacher for these classes is Dr. Lita de Alberdi. Lita has been practising Pilates since 2001 and is fully qualified as a Fitness Instructor specialising in Pilates.   She teaches Pilates and also runs Facial Pilates intensives.  She is a Psychologist and a meditation and mindfulness teacher. Her approach is supportive and fun emphasising the mind/body connection and a holistic approach to fitness and health.  Lita came to Pilates because of her own health issues and is very sympathetic to those who are experiencing problems.

Lita also offers facial pilates classes and mindfulness training.

Lita can be contacted by telephone on 01458 210596, or by email Please feel free to get in touch for more information. You can also post questions in the Ask Lita a question thread in the ‘Questions and class chat’ menu on the left.